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How Dads Can Create Great Roasted Chicken Recipes At Home

By Jason Glover

In today's modern family, many moms and dads are working full-time jobs. Plus, in some households the mother works and the father spends more time at home with the children. This can create many situations where men need to fix a meal and it needs to be nutritious and relatively simple to prepare. Here are some examples of easy roasted chicken recipes that most men can fix without problems.

Before beginning your roasted chicken recipes, you need to buy a chicken and the cheapest is not always the best. To prepare a great tasting chicken, consider a visit to a local meat market or a shop that has quality meat. You will pay more for these chickens, but they will taste better and be tenderer than most bargain chickens you find today.

Dads that cook need to understand the importance of preparation for roasting chickens. If you cook a frozen, cold, or wet bird, you are likely to end up with a chicken that is done is some places and raw in others, and no one wants this. To get an evenly cooked chicken, let it sit out of the fridge for thirty minutes, then dry it with paper towels. You don't need to stick the chicken underneath the kitchen faucet.

Once your bird is prepared, it's time to season, and make sure the oven is preheated to 400 degrees Fahrenheit. If you would like to prepare lemon roasted chicken, put salt and pepper on the chicken (garlic is optional), slice a lemon, and place it inside the cavity. Close the cavity with toothpicks and tie the legs together, with twine or dental floss.

The chicken should be placed on its back in the pan and every fifteen minutes or so, baste it. If you have no poultry baster, use a large spoon. Make sure to completely cover the skin, because this will keep the meat from getting dry and stringy.

Most dads cooking roasted chicken will have a limited amount of time. To save time on basting, you can visit your local grocers and buy a roasting bag. Just go to the aluminum foil section to find them. The directions are simple and will yield good results. Also, remember that cooking bags lower cooking times because the oven door stays shut, so you may need to check the bird before the allotted time.

Uncooked fowl can cause stomach distress so be certain that your chicken is well done. To check, stick your meat thermometer in the thick area of a thigh. If it is not 170 degrees or more, replace in the oven and cook for several more minutes. After it is done, you should let the chicken set for at least fifteen minutes before carving.

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